Treatment & Accessibilities Committee

Bridging the Gap

We of Alcoholics Anonymous are here to help those who are exiting your facility who wish to make the transition from treatment to the AA program. The purpose of Alcoholics Anonymous is to extend a hand, in the spirit of our Twelve Steps of Recovery, and help those who are newly sober find the same help in staying sober we ourselves found. Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety.

One of the most difficult places in the journey to sobriety is the distance between the door of the treatment facility and the nearest meeting. To help bridge the gap, AA members are here to help newly sober people find their nearest AA meeting and help introduce them to other sober members.

If a person under your care is interested in learning more about AA, please feel free to provide our contact information, or direct them to this page. Please fill out the secure request form below. The form will allow us to make the necessary arrangements for the person exiting your facility. You can also contact us at

Those of us who have made the transition to sober and happy lives in our communities still remember the first days on our own. It was hard to know what to do. Now we see we can help new people who are transitioning out of treatment and back to their daily life.

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Your request will be sent to the VAC Treatment –Accessibilities Chairperson at for immediate response.