Convention Committee

The purpose of the Convention Committee shall be to process bids for annual conventions, to assist
host districts in planning the conventions, and to conduct conventions when the Area is the host.

For the full version of the Convention Committee Guidelines, please refer to the most recent version of the VAC Service Manual.


Registration is open for the upcoming 2024 VAC Convention to be held on Friday, August 9 – 11, 2024 in Roanoke, VA.

2025 Alcoholic's Anonymous International Convention

The AA International Convention is held every 5 years in North America. In 2025 it will be held in
Vancouver, BC, July 3-6, 2025.

As the convention planning is formalized, information will be shared on the AA website at Many in our community have had DUI’s that might prevent them from traveling to Canada, but there are ways to overcome that barrier to entry. If you have questions about traveling to Canada, there is an FAQ page where you can find information about Canada’s immigration law. Visit

Would your District be open to considering hosting an upcoming VAC Convention?

The Convention Committee is here to help from start to finish. We have a sample bid packet to guide
you and several “voices of experience” as well. Email us at with any
questions or to make us aware of your interest. Just complete the form below and The Convention
Committee Chairperson will he happy to answer your questions and provide information on how to put
a convention bid together.

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